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Questions Customers May Ask

Your questions are important and sometimes even the smallest question can answer the biggest concerns. This is a list of some frequently asked questions. Please reach us Mon - Friday 9:00/5:00 for questions not listed here.




Can I see the space and understand your process before signing up?
Yes: We invite you to take a trip down to see our Virtual Office Space, you should come prepared with other questions or concerns so we can discuss them while at your visit. You should have your questions answered before you sign up.

Are there sign-up sheets or rules regarding the conference or training room?
Yes: Since one of the primary reasons to have a Virtual Office is a physical place to congregate, the space is available for a wide variety of purposes. In order for everyone to enjoy the use and for it not to be a conflict with your schedule, please be sure to schedule in advance for the time slots you might need. We ask that you maintain the space as though it was your own home. Currently there is no time limit on usage.

How do I book the conference room?
You can contact us several different ways in order to schedule your time, booking the conference room is as easy as picking up the phone, faxing or sending an email. And in most cases in can be done on short notice.

Is there Internet access available?
Yes: We have Wi-Fi or cabled access to high speed internet connections. If you have special or custom needs, please contact us ahead of time so we can accommodate you.

How will my phone be answered?
Your business line will be answered in a friendly business like manor, Mon - Fri. We will at your direction screen your calls or forward or take messages as needed. In the event call volume is high for any particular time, your call would go to a specified mail box with your personal greeting. We would notify you of such an event and you of course would have access to those messages remotely.

Are there any amenities included in the price?
Yes: Many amenities are available to you at no extra charge such as; coffee, soft drinks, bottled water and occasionally simple snacks. Items such as copies, fax printing, color printing, shipping or deliveries are priced a la carte. We do offer many services like dry clean pickup/ drop-off, notary services, please check your package plan for pricing or pick and choose the services you need.

Is parking available onsite?
Yes: Our building is handicap access friendly to both the upper/ lower floor. In most cases we can accommodate customer parking as needed.

There are services I need that I don't see listed, do you offer...?
Yes: In most cases we can customize services that will meet your needs. We have many capabilities that are not listed. Please schedule an appointment today and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

How do I cancel my service?
To cancel the service you only need to notify our office before the next billing date. Unfortunately our services are not prorated for time not used for that month. Any automated services you had with us can be forwarded with direction from you. Please make all request to cancel service in writing.



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